G-Info is the Building Information System, for more than just Facility Management. Usability, performance and ease of learning are the main arguments  for G-Info-not only in the context of classical Facility Management.

G-Info Overview

  • Adoption
    The circle of customers ranges from users whose interest is to connect  CAD drawings from the Autodesk product portfolio (2014 an earlier) quickly and easily to a standard database to customers  in the large scale industry, which apply  G-Info as a instrument to affiliate different data pools online. Free to use, flexible in structure. G-Info is a facility information system, that ist used to assist in the area of Facility Management.
  • Complexity
    G-Info is adjusted to the users requirements. Each company, local authority or any other institution has different requirements regarding facility management.  Users can adapt G-Info to their individual requirements fast and easy without any knowledge of coding.
  • Database-synergies
    G-Info uses a database freely selectable by the user, like MS Access, MS SQL Server or Oracle. All data is provided in an open format within the database. By help of OLE DB providers bidirectional connections can be established to any existent database. By these means already existing and used software packages and their databases can be integrated into the complete CAFM-solution to receive a product spanning and redundancy free data management.
  • CAD
    In a facility’s cycle, drawings of the Autodesk product portfolio, particularly drawings created with Autocad Architecture, demonstrate an important component. There are constructional and various other trade information saved. In addition to the drawing, other alphanumeric data and documents are created.
  • Reports
    Every alphanumeric report can be generated with an report generator integrated in G-Info. To collect the desired data a user-friendly user interface is used. Without further knowledge of any query language or coding, the required information can be selected via Drag & Drop.
  • Intra-/Internet
    As a global information system for the intra- or internet G-Info supports Autodesk MapGuide. Autodesk MapGuide offers the publication of all alphanumeric data of G-Info and the graphic elements of the Autodesk product portfolio in the intra- or internet. Each in G-Info edited information is at the same time available in the world wide web  – in reporting form or visual.
  • Advantages
    Based on standard components G-Info is freely configurable by the user and freely scalable in its  requirements. G-Info supports you in your facility management in every way. The easy and intuitive user interface of G-Info saves long training time. The user interface can be adapted quickly to your individual requirements.

G-Info offers integative solutions interacting with other software products used in your company.

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